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Revolutionize Surveillance with HIKVISION DS-96128NI-I16 128-ch 3U 4K Super NVR


Revolutionize Surveillance with HIKVISION DS-96128NI-I16 128-ch 3U 4K Super NVR

Introduction: In the realm of advanced surveillance, HIKVISION has consistently led the way with cutting-edge technology. Introducing the DS-96128NI-I16 128-ch 3U 4K Super NVR, HIKVISION once again revolutionizes the industry. With its exceptional features and the support of HIKD, a trusted partner, the DS-96128NI-I16 empowers you to achieve unparalleled surveillance capabilities and ensure the utmost security.


Unmatched Connectivity and Scalability: The HIKVISION DS-96128NI-I16 NVR offers unparalleled connectivity by accommodating up to 128 channel IP cameras. This allows you to create a comprehensive surveillance network, covering every corner of your premises. With an impressive incoming bandwidth of up to 576 Mbps, this NVR ensures seamless and robust connections with all connected cameras. Your surveillance system will capture every detail, ensuring you have a complete overview of your environment.

Enhanced Storage and Data Security: Equipped with 16 HDD slots, the DS-96128NI-I16 NVR provides extensive storage capacity for continuous video recording. This ensures that critical footage is securely stored and readily accessible for analysis or investigations. Additionally, the NVR supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, and N+1 hot spare configurations, offering enhanced data security and eliminating the risk of data loss. With HIKVISION’s advanced streaming technology, you can enjoy smooth live viewing even in challenging network conditions.

Versatile Integration and Specialist Camera Support: The DS-96128NI-I16 NVR seamlessly integrates with a variety of specialist cameras, including people counting, ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), and fisheye cameras. This versatility allows you to tailor your surveillance system to suit your specific needs, whether it’s for accurate analytics, precise identification, or panoramic views. Leveraging HIKVISION’s range of specialist cameras expands the capabilities and effectiveness of your security operations.

Unparalleled Monitoring and Display Options: With 2 HDMI (different source) and 1 VGA interfaces, the DS-96128NI-I16 NVR offers versatile options for monitoring and displaying your surveillance feeds. Whether you prefer a large high-resolution display or multiple screens for simultaneous viewing, this NVR provides flexibility to meet your preferences and monitoring requirements.

HIKD: Your Essential Partner in HIKVISION Solutions: HIKD, a trusted distributor of HIKVISION video surveillance products, plays a crucial role in delivering top-tier surveillance solutions. As an essential partner, HIKD combines industry expertise with a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With their extensive range of HIKVISION products and reliable support, HIKD ensures that businesses can harness the full potential of HIKVISION’s technology.

Unlock the Power of Surveillance with HIKVISION and HIKD: Embrace the unmatched capabilities of the DS-96128NI-I16 128-ch 3U 4K Super NVR, supported by HIKD’s expertise. With its seamless connectivity, enhanced storage, and versatile integration options, this NVR empowers you to achieve unparalleled surveillance coverage and data security. Trust HIKVISION and HIKD to provide you with the latest technology and tailored solutions to safeguard your premises effectively.

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